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Student Recognition Programs


The following student recognition programs may be implemented at your school:

Perfect Attendance


Perfect Attendance

At the end of every nine weeks, students who are present every single school day will receive a Perfect Attendance Certificate. Students attending school every day for the entire school year may also receive special recognition.


Three unexcused tardies is equivalent to one (1) unexcused absence.


Honor Roll, CTY John’s Hopkins, and etc.

Students who excel academically may be recognized at the end of each nine-week grading period. A student must have earned 3.0-grade average on their quarterly report card to receive Honorable Mention. Students who earn a 3.5 grade average receive Honor Roll status. Students who have earned Honor Roll all four nine-week grading periods may receive special recognition at the end of the school year. Students who earned exceeds in state mandated assessments in at least one area may qualify to take the SCAT/ACT exam. Upon completion of the exam students may qualify for summer or online programs through various universities.


AZ Merit/AIMS Assembly

Students from 2-7th grades may be recognized for attaining Meets or Exceeds in math, reading, writing, and/or science on AZ Merit/AIMS annually.


Student of the Month Programs

Every month, teachers select a student that has demonstrated exceptional character in the classroom. The school principal presents the Student of the Month Certificate at the PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization). The Ambassadors of Excellence is a monthly Student of the Month luncheon for one outstanding student from every school in the district. Parents, teachers, and the school principal are also invited to join the student recognition ceremony. Students also participate in The Sun’s “Go-Getters” Program. The newspaper publishes pictures of two outstanding students from every school per month during the year selected by teachers and sponsored by community members.  


Citizenship Awards

Students at all grade levels are recognized for displaying strength of character, possessing the courage to make the right decisions, and a positive attitude towards classmates, school, and community. These students are exemplary role models. Citizenship awards are given throughout the school year.