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Student Dress Code


The Governing Board has determined that the educational mission of the District will be enhanced if students dress and groom themselves appropriately to maintain an environment conducive to learning. Students will be expected to be dressed and groomed in a neat, attractive fashion, reflecting pride in themselves and their school. Uniform dress shall be required and it will be the family‚Äôs responsibility to ensure compliance with the dress code.  

Uniforms Described

K-6th Plain white or plain grey shirts or blouses with collars and sleeves are to be worn. All shirts and blouses must be tucked in and appropriately fastened. Only white or grey undershirts may be worn under the white collared uniform shirt. We ask that kindergarten students wear a light blue collared shirt with sleeves so they stand out and can be supervised appropriately.

If a sweater or jacket is needed due to weather conditions, only a plain navy blue or white sweater may be worn inside the school building. The sweater may be either a pullover or button-type and the shirt collar must be exposed.

  • Boys shall wear navy blue slacks or shorts.
  • Girls shall wear navy blue slacks, shorts, skirt, or dress (jumper).