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School Activities


Students may participate in the following school activities: Students participating shall be respectful, responsible, and safe according to school behavior. They are expected to maintain high academic standards.

Leadership/Extra curricular

Elementary grade students have the opportunity to learn about leadership and student government through

  •       Student Council
  •       National Elementary Honor Society 4-6th
  •       Odyssey of the Mind
  •       STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math)
  •       Cheerleading/dance/flag



Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade Athletics

Boys and girls in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades may participate in intramural athletic competitions. The school sports program is held between the elementary schools in the Gadsden School District No. 32. Students may be required to stay after school to practice or play a game. Parents or guardians are required to give written consent for student participation and to attend games. Transportation may not be available.


Reading Programs

There are several reading programs throughout the district intended to instill in students the love for reading and enhance their reading ability. Students may have an opportunity to earn free pizza coupons from Pizza Hut (Book It!) for reading a specific number of books per month. All schools in the district offer the Accelerated Reader Program to assist and encourage students to improve and enjoy reading.

Student Performances

Schools in the district are encouraged to participate in community and school events throughout the year. Performances are centered on significant historical, cultural, or national events in the form of plays, musicals, concerts, programs, festivals, celebrations, and City of San Luis parades.

Class and School-Wide Fundraising Activities

Individual school fundraising activities must be approved by the student council and principal. The proceeds are used only as specified in the Uniform System of Financial Records. In addition to the school-wide fundraisers, some classes or groups participate in fundraising activities to purchase class incentives, prizes, and/or to finance their class fieldtrips.


Band, Mariachi, Jazz, Choir, Strings, and Dance Groups

Music and dance may be offered to K through 6th grade in all the elementary schools. The K-8th grade music curriculum is designed to enrich music appreciation and promote student talent.


Health Related Services

The Gadsden School District No. 32 offers services throughout the district including a healthy breakfast and lunch free to all students. We encourage all students to participate in this program. The district employs migrant advocates, a health assistant at each site, and other free services based on qualifying factors. Programs such as Comprehensive Competency Based Guidance (CCBG) and Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies (PBIS) may be used for counseling as well as discipline by those staff members that have been trained in the use of the programs.


Family Activities

Schools have a variety of family activities such as family nights, volunteer experiences, and Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO).


Student Council officers are elected by their classmates. Student Council members are responsible for approving all fund raising activities by students and the expenditures of these funds. A school administrator may remove a student from student council if the student does not follow the academic and behavior expectations of the school. All schools in the district have an active Student Council.