Student Handbook » Penalties for Violating Rules/Regulations

Penalties for Violating Rules/Regulations


Violation of Class Rules

A student who violates classroom or school-wide rules may be subject to: verbal warnings, detention, loss of recess, assignment of writing a reflective summary of their behavior, conference with the teacher and/or principal, written note to parent/guardians, phone call to parents/guardians, parent - teacher conferences, and/or a consequence in our school policy. Consequences listed below carry a minimum and a maximum penalty. The consequence given to each student will be dependent on his/her prior behavior and number of behavioral incidents the student has accumulated during the school year.   Teachers may supplement the stated district discipline with classroom rules and procedures.


Violation of School Rules and Referrals to the Office

Penalties may include: verbal warning, written notice to parent, parent-teacher conferences, detention, in-school suspension, short-term suspension (less than 10 days), long-term suspension (more than 10 days) or expulsion (out of school indefinitely) or other consequences as determined by the administrator.


Referral to Law Enforcement

Serious violations and infractions of the law will be referred to city or county legal authorities.


Office Referral Definitions

Student conference with administrator - Administrator meets with the student, a copy of the referral notice will be sent home for parental signature.

Parent-Administrator Conference-School Administrator will meet with parent/guardian to discuss the violation of the rule.

Detention-The student will be required to report to detention before and or after school, or during the school day as a consequence for a school or classroom violation.

In School SuspensionStudent is suspended, but is kept in the school in a secluded area. This can be for a period of one to ten days for Class One, Class Two, or Class Three Violations.

Short-term Suspension- Student is suspended out of school for a period of one to ten days for Class One, Two, or Three Violations.

Long-Term Suspension/Expulsion – The Governing Board alone has the power to suspend students for a period of more than ten (10) days or to expel students permanently from the district. In all cases of long-term suspension or expulsion, a hearing will be held with a Hearing Officer and a recommendation will be made to the Governing Board.

Bullying - Bullying is a pattern of repeated aggressive behavior with negative intent, directed from one child to another where there is a power imbalance.