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Homework is an essential part of the educational process. In addition to reinforcing specific subjects in the classroom curriculum, homework can and should be used to:

  •     Develop responsibility and good study habits.
  •     Encourage academic growth of the individual student to his/her full potential.
  •     Enhance communication skills.
  •     Apply knowledge to real-life situations in a meaningful way.
  •     Logically connect or challenge facts and ideas.
  •     Provide each student an opportunity to develop independent judgment.
  •     Think critically and problem solve.

Family members are encouraged to check and sign the student planner on a daily basis.


Every student will be required to complete daily homework. Homework is used as a means to improve student achievement through reinforcement and to hold students accountable for learning outside the classroom. The homework should be focused on reading, writing, vocabulary enrichment and/or math facts practice. Homework assignments could include, but are not limited to: reading silently, reading out loud or being read to, practicing math facts, flash cards, vocabulary, journal or writing activities, spelling practice, and test tips. Homework is a factor considered when being promoted to the next grade level.


All work sent home must meet the following criteria:

  • 1 Homework activities should reflect focus on AZ College and Career Readiness Standards (AZCCRS).
  • 2 Students should be able to successfully accomplish the work independently.
  • 3 Students will receive feedback concerning their homework assignments.


National Recommendation for Daily Homework Time Allocation by Grade Level

Kindergarten – 5-10 minutes

First – 10-20 minutes

Second- 20-30 minutes

Third   30-40 minutes

Fourth – Sixth   40-60 minutes

Seventh – Eighth 70-80 minutes

(15 minutes of reading is also encouraged daily)

If you have any questions see your child’s teacher or refer to Policy IKB





A variety of tutoring is available at each site. Check with your school to see what is available for your child. Some that may be offered is before or after school through Move On When Reading, Migrant, and Title 1.


Third Grade Retention

Arizona’s Move On When Reading law and the importance it places on your child’s ability to read at or above grade level.   The MOWR law will apply to this year’s 2016-2017 third graders. Arizona Revised Statute§ 15 - 701 states that if data on the third grade statewide reading assessment is available at the end of the 2016-2017 school year and demonstrates that a student scored “falls far below” or the equivalent level on the new Az Merit assessment the student shall not be promoted from the third grade.