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Bus Rules and Regulations

Bus Rules and Regulations

Policy EEAE-EA Bus Safety Program

Boarding the Bus

  • If other students are waiting at the bus stop, get in line without pushing or crowding and stay off the roadway.
  • Never go under the school bus.
  • Line up in a single file parallel to the roadway, with younger students in front so they can board first.
  • Board the bus quickly, but without crowding or pushing.
  • Never run in the bus.
  • Go directly to your seat and sit straight, well to the back of the seat, and face the front of the bus.
  • Students living within a 1 mile radius of the school where hazardous or difficult routes exist will be provided with transportation.
  • Students will be dropped off at their registered home address bus stop only.

Conduct on the Bus

  • Remain seated throughout the trip, and leave your seat only when the bus has reached its destination and has come to a complete stop.
  • Keep your books and other items on your lap or put them under the seat.
  • Keep the aisle clear.
  • Do not talk to the driver except in case of emergency.
  • Avoid doing anything that might disturb or interfere with the driver.
  • Never stick hands, arms, head, or feet out of the window of the bus.
  • Do not open windows without the driver’s permission.
  • Do not throw anything within the bus or out of a window.
  • Do not touch the emergency door or exit controls or any of the bus safety equipment.
  • Do not eat on the bus.
  • Obey promptly the directions and instructions of the school bus driver.

Prohibited Items

  • Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or any other illegal substances
  • Insects, reptiles, or other animals
  • Weapons, explosive devices, harmful drugs, or chemicals
  • Toy guns and all electronic devices
  • Helium balloons

Exit from Bus

  • Remain seated until the bus has reached its destination and comes to a complete stop.
  • Do not push or crowd when leaving the bus.
  • If you must cross the road, walk to a point about ten (10) feet in front of the bus but do not cross until the driver has indicated that it is safe to do so.
  • Walk across the road do not run.
  • Never cross the road behind the school bus

Student transportation to and from school

  • District transportation (based on residence)
  • Parent/designee pick up (note required on file)
  • Walkers (note required on file)


Walkers and Riders

Transportation to and from school is provided in accordance with the Arizona School Boards Association E 2050, State legislative Ref: A.R.S. 15-342 and Gadsden Elementary School District Policy E2050, which states;

       Riders : Students with disabilities who require transportation, as indicated in their IEP ( Individual Education Plan). All students residing outside one (1) mile radius of the school of attendance. All Kinder students any distance from the school of attendance.

     Walkers: All 4th, 5th, 6th 7th and 8th Graders living within one mile from the school of attendance